Targeting Bingo Players to grow Your Affiliate Gambling Business

The best online traffic is perfectly targeted prospects. By this I am talking about getting your advertisement or link directly in-front of your target niche instead of to the public judi slot in particular. This much is obvious but how do you go about targeting potential bingo players? First we need to find out who really plays bingo.

Until now most people associated bingo with groups of old ladies at their local bingo corridor, cup of tea and a biscuit in one hand and bingo card in the other. Today, bingo is played all across the world, online and in modern bingo halls — with players from every race signing on and having a go. It’s cheaper, faster and more exciting — with loads of huge jackpots and special prizes on offer around the clock and quick-fire games with lively enough forums to keep everyone entertained.

Recent studies have shown that there are over 100 million bingo players worldwide, but roughly 80% of these players are actually women that are aged between 30 and 50 yoa. The spare 20% are men of the same age groups.

OK so we know who the bingo payers are now how do we target them? Most bingo players are stay at home parents, usually female and the game allows them to speak to new friends and have fun while still being able to keep an eye on your kids. It’s lead to the social networking, discussion boards, communities and forums of a bingo site being viewed as just as important as the big games and jackpots for many — and having ‘bingo buddies’ one of the biggest perks of the game.

So far so good now how do we draw them in, any ideas? Each bingo site online differs from the others — with some catering to each bingo market individually (usually focussing on community spirit), while others use celebrity chat, flirting and exclusive red-carpet offers and prizes to lure in the younger players — a portion of bingo players that has sky-rocketed in recent years. In the uk, the proportion of players that are under 45 years has increased from 46% to 62% within the last decade, with players between the ages of 16 and 24 now getting back together seven-hundred, 000 of the 3. 5 million players in The british isles.

You can even take these niche categories further. Many newspapers also have set up their own online bingo division, so you can play with bingo players with similar political leanings to yourself and some high-street shops have even created their own bingo sideline — with cheeky bingo and interesting prizes offered by the bingo site of a certain high-street lingerie and toy archipelago (now closed). A classic example is Littlewoods bingo.

With 100 million bingo players out there you can afford to narrow your niche categories. Great britain currently has over 80 bingo sites so each with their own niche games and forums.